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Our business segments: Automotive - Industrial Solutions - Micro Welding - Friction Welding - Quality Management - Services

Expertise, innovation and uncompromising focus on solutions: these are the components that distinguish Harms & Wende. Therefore, we offer services and technologies which fit your manufacturing process perfectly. It is our aim to incorporate your ideas and our products in tailored solutions. We handle your requests individually.

In the segments Automotive, Industrial Solutions and Micro Welding we offer effective products which maximize your efficiency. Despite standard products as inverters, HMI and weld enclosures we we go farer with out services. Our service division operates our welding lab, repairs, general training courses as well as project specific trainings.

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The Automotive section offers you continuous lines of products which are customized for the requirements of the automotive section. A low energy consumption, reliable safety features and equipment as well as modern materials are decisive factors at the automotive engineering branch. The requirements of welding practice are represented by process security and flexibility as well the fact that the production itself longs for an easy handling and robust solutions. Harms & Wende accepts all these challenges.

The Microwelding-world makes other demands. The welding process runs extremely fast and the used materials are very diverse. Harms & Wende offers fitting welding systems and solutions for the micowelding branch. The 1- and 10kHz-Systems which come up to the demands of microwelding represent the basis. 

You can integrate these systems seamless in already established system concepts.

The section Industrial Solutions is known for its outstanding plurality and thus calls for special solutions. That's the reason why Harms & Wende designs the right and applicable control for the particular welding task. The catchwords in this branch are engineering, projection welding and resistance welding.

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