Perfect automation

Harms & Wende offers in the division Automotive different applications for you:

  • resistance welding
  • spot welding
  • projection welding
  • automated systems
  • manual applications
  • automotive welding and
  • assembly lines
  • sub-assembly welding
  • joining of ultra high-strength steels
  • pilot plants


Furthermore, Harms & Wende offers customized solutions for the automotive engineering production. Whether manual systems or fully automated applications with BUS-connection: we offer networked systems and archival storage. Our products understand the avoidance of splatter and the escape of process fluctuations concerning medium frequency welding with adaptive control IQR. Quality by powerful welding systems and professional consulting for entire welding machines and automation solutions.

Welding systems

  • adaptive control system IQR
  • every well-established BUS-systems
  • modular inverter-systems
  • exceptionally flexible assembling (flexibility at cutting points)
  • splatter detection
  • monitoring and documentation
  • internet working with data base systems open connections via OPC or Web Interface
  • monitoring with HWH-inspector
  • quality assurance and testing with PQSweld

The automotive industry is a market with special demands.

High-strength materials require welding control systems with the highest standards concerning control properties. Cost-effectiveness and a high output are essential. Therefore, disturbances and process deviations must be recognized and reported. Safety relevant parts are in need of a high degree of durability, a long life cycle and must be reported without interruption. For higher efficiency at robot applications and manual welding guns, a stable welding process is necessary.

Products of Harms & Wende can challenge these demands easily! Therefore, you have an absolute advantage.

Reach an effective production process

Through the stabilisation of relevant disturbances, from
bad fitting to electrode wear, quicker start-up periods and
lower rework costs will be achieved. This advances the
productivity. By means of a neat production and longer
electrode-times you can save time and money. The intelligence
of our adaptive timer IQR will be your benefit.


Profitable joining by efficient systems

Our welding technologies guarantee high quality joining connections between various types of metals. Whether AC, MF (1kHz) or HF (10kHz), profit from the longtime know-how of our originally welding practice. You can combine and use our operator interface XPegasus therefor. Our products are characterized by the highest system availability.By the regulation of relevant disturbances, of worseFit to the electrode wear, are fasterStart-up times and low rework costs achieved. This increasesproductivity, because of a clean productionand longer electrode times save you time and money. The intelligence of our IQR scheme is your gain.

Harms & Wende guarantees reliable products and a high degree of process stability

The adaptive timer facilitates a secure and uninterrupted production process for the user. By your automated manufacturing- and testing-techniques you will profit from a constant and high accuracy during the welding process. Thereby your equipment's have an outstanding high getting. By the detection and report of blockages or process deviations an ideal safeguarding of the production process is demanded.

Harms & Wende guarantees reliable products and a high degree of process reliability

The adaptive control allows the user a safe and continuous manufacturing process. Their automated manufacturing and testing techniques benefit from consistently high accuracy during the welding process. As a result, your systems have a particularly high output. By detecting and reporting faults as well as process deviations, an optimal safeguarding of the production processes is offered.