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The Harms & Wende subsidiary QST accompanies you safely to your destination. For inquiries about inspection tasks in the areas


spot welding

projection welding

Arc welding

laser welding

stud welding

and mechanical joining

you are in good hands with QST. Process mastery is regarded as a fundamental foundation for constant quality and highest economic efficiency. More information can be found on the website at www.hwh-qst.de.

The company QS Technology GmbH / HARMS + WENDE QST GmbH


Gewerbegebiet Chemnitzpark
Nordstraße 25
09247 Chemnitz-Röhrsdorf

Telefon: +49 3722-89081-0
Telefax: +49 3722-89081-299
E-Mail:  info[at]hwh-qst[dot]de

PROCON PAS Elektronik GmbH

The Harms & Wende subsidiary company Procon Pas Elektronik GmbH offers full- and partial orders

  • for a collective market success 
  • for cost savings at purchasing, material planning and stock holding
  • to complement and relief your own development division
  • to concentrate on important corporate duties and responsibilities and to dislocate high-risk developments.


Furthermore Procon Pas offers support and collaboration in the branches

  • development
  • assembly
  • software
  • housing
  • decartelization
  • testing
  • prototype- / mass construction
  • delivery
  • material procurement
  • aftercare

Find more information on the website www.procon-pas.de (german only).


PROCON PAS Elektronik GmbH

Lerchenfeldstraße 109

47877 Willich-Anrath

Phone: +49 2156 91911- 0

Fax: +49 2156 91911- 99

Email: office@procon-pas.de