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About Harms & Wende

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We treat our customers like our friends:
Openly, honestly and in partnership - this creates trust.

For 70 years we have been developing solutions for the constantly changing demands of resistance welding technology and quality control in all welding processes. With the security of long-standing traditions and successful innovations, we offer exceptional and proven solutions for your welding projects. And because we know from experience that real success is a co-production, the cooperative approach with our customers is a special value for us.

Only through combined practical applications, systems can be developed
successfully and made ready for production. We have the focus on controls, systems and inverters in combination with quality assurance features to stabilize and monitor the welding process. But our concepts are variable. That reflects our expert knowledge.

1998 Harms & Wende got the innovation prize
for the development of high-speed-friction-welding. The prize has been awarded through the city of Hamburg. Today we deliver complex automated friction welding machines for innovative compounds e.g. such as in the automotive industry.
In 1999
Harms & Wende participated in the TAT, a company that is committed to quality assurance through pattern recognition and classification with PQSweld systems. From this project the Harms & Wende QST arose.

In 1998 a
Harms & Wende team started with the aim of developing a process control system based on medium-frequency inverter. Through intensive collaboration with practical users, it was developed into the process control IQR. Complete automobile body lines are equipped with this innovative technology.

Besides these special products Harms & Wende offers an extensive range of systems and equipment for resistance welding.


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