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Welcome to the Harms & Wende applications section. Take a look at the examples of how you can use our products.



Industrial Solution

Welcome to the application division of Harms & Wende. Have a look at the examples, which describe the way how to use our products.

Harms & Wende allocated two examples from the divisions automotive and industrial solutions in order to illustrate them for one's own use. You can see how to use our products and how to integrate them into your production lines. We offer the highest standards and in addition to that multiple options that you get the perfectly matching product for your needs. Find out which products fit your branch best and for which products other customers decide in favour.

Harms & Wende discovers for every concept the fitting solution. This is why we want to give you an insight with our application examples. You can have a look to our multiple possible uses of inverter systems and control cabinets. We want to give you a hand in order to realize your ideas because the demands in manufacturing techniques increase steadily. Our products bring forward economic viability, quality and the productivity of your business.

Whether Sinius, Varius or a completion of Genius - we have the appropriate inverter for you. Find  further devices look at our website under products+achievements, as well as information about the topic control cabinet construction.