Cost-effective, powerful and robust. These words characterize the dominating options of resistance welding. In a lot of industries spot-welding is the reign supreme of welding practices since many years.

The spot-welding procedure is used where two sheet metal parts need to be joined seamless. A lot of energy is concentrated on a small piece of the components by aid of electrical current. Combined with a high compacting pressure the components are connected together nearly non-detachably. This process does not need any additives like gas or strand. It needs just a split second and is easy to handle. That is why it is easy to automate.

For the current peak of the development of resistance spot welding, fully networked bodyshell lines are significant. Adaptive controls like IQR help to have real control over the processes. Through capable testing systems like PQS you can weld securely and the most ambitious materials.

High strength steels are repeatable and economically producible. Through the development of the adaptive control system IQR, Harms+Wende set new pattern for welding on a technology high level. With this development the spot-welding is even more up-to-date than ever.

The product spectrum of Harms & Wende is huge. You can get an overview about our products any time here on our website, e.g. under products+achievements. Thus you'll find our automotive branch or examples of use for the resistance spot-welding products. How it is possible to make many different combinations and to fathom the systems you can request at our different departments. From controls over all kinds of spot welding machines to the curable regular control: You will find the perfectly matching solution in our company.