Productivity, Resource efficiency and Competetive Edge

What would be if you quite simply reduced your maintenance costs and incidents in the production drastically and clearly raise your operational effectiveness as well as the lifetime of your products?


If you are curious about what you have just read or if you recognize the solution to the current challenges in the manufacturing industry, then you should watch the new research project RECLAIM. After all, the manufacturing industry accounts for 15% of total employment and is responsible for 80% of Germany's exports.

Manufacturing innovative products and systems affects us all in some way - transportation, home appliances and health products, to name a few that each of us uses.

With the EU-funded research project RECLAIM, European industry leaders want to explore and show ways to protect the environment while remaining economical. Possibly even increase the profitability through new recycling and reuse options for your machine equipment. The focus is on optimizing predictive maintenance and upgrading machines through increased use of digital analyzes, the Internet of Things and the establishment of circular economy strategies.

Discover together with the European research partners how the important pillars innovation and growth of the manufacturing industry can be strengthened by preventing aging and the possibilities of high-tech refurbishment.


Project coordinator:

Michael Peschl

Fon: +49 721 59742881



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