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GeniusHWI manual function (HAN)

For manual spot applications.
The "manual system" version is the professional for manual welding tasks to be undertaken in mechanical engineering. Manual electrode holder mode enables welding using two different electrode holders. Each electrode holder has its own assigned programs, counters and signals. The function is parameterized using the user interface.
The electrode holders' welding processes are independent of each other; however, welding can only be carried out with one electrode holder. Welding with both electrode holders at the same time is not possible. If one electrode holder has a fault, welding can be carried out using the other electrode holder. Each electrode holder has its own parameter set and its own signals.
As in the Professional equipment, the manual version also encompasses constant current regulation, a control stroke inspector and distance inspector as well as visualization of the current, voltage and resistance curves of the last 10 welding processes. We have additionally integrated the current inspector and the voltage inspector into the Professional equipment. It can also be prepared for our IQR and PQS welding system.
Electrode management and proportional valve control are, of course, also included. Actuation is planned via the I/O level. As standard, the inverters are equipped with an Ethernet network interface, enabling you to network all devices. The power connections for the GeniusHWI406 to GeniusHWI416 devices are designed with terminals. From GeniusHWI424 to GeniusHWI436, connection rails are used.

Standard function scope:

    •     2*4 programs
    •     3 current times (pre-heating, main, post-heating time)
    •     Digital 24V I/Os
    •     Constant current regulation (KSR)
    •     Electrode management
    •     Proportional valve output
    •     Upslope
    •     Downslope
    •     Impulses
    •     Visualization of measured data



    Inspector modules:

    •     S - Inspector (distance): Component control, sink-in travel, final dimension
    •     I - Inspector (current): Limit value, mean envelope value, reference envelope value
    •     U - Inspector (voltage): Limit value, mean envelope value, reference envelope value
    •     H - Inspector (control stroke): Reference envelope value


    Power classes (for all inverters):

    •     400 A
    •     600 A
    •     800 A
    •     1200 A
    •     1600 A
    •     2400 A
    •     3000 A
    •     3500 A

    Maximum output current. All products can be extended to a master-slave combination - up to 7 slaves on one master.