The high-frequency welding system for micro-welding

The Primus is the universal welding system for resistance welding and soldering in the field of micro welding. It offers a maximum of functionality. Event-oriented process control and comprehensive monitoring functions give you security in your joining process. The scope of delivery includes a welding controller with integrated inverter, a transformer and a connection cable as well as operating software for Windows PC (for resistance welding and soldering).




  •     Innovative process control
  •     Logical process control (IF/THEN graphical orientated)
  •     Analysis of current, voltage, power, energy, force, displacement, temperature, time
  •     Integration of up to 4 welding heads or guns
  •     Modular programming
  •     Event-oriented process control (e.g. displacement and force)
  •     Extensive monitoring with warning and intervention limits
  •     Primary data storage
  •     User rights management... and much more


  •     spot welding
  •     projection welding
  •     cross-wire welding
  •     seam welding
  •     gap welding
  •     compacting
  •     hot staking
  •     contact welding
  •     resistance soldering
  •     U-bracket soldering


  •     Best welding quality
  •     Effective manufacturing processes
  •     Comprehensive visualization and trend analysis
  •     Increased productivity
  •     High-performance quality assurance
  •     Increasing competitive advantage
  •     Efficient data management and data security

Technical data

maximum output current
5 kA 10 kA 20 kA
Inverter clock frequency   10 000 Hz  
Mains voltage/ -Frequency  3x400V;50/60Hz
3x400V;50/60Hz 3x400V;50/60Hz
output (@ 20 % d.f.)    31kVA 56 kVa 70kVA
Housing (dimension B/H/T)   sheet steel housing (305/130/410 mm) – IP 32  
Control/Control type   Secondary current, primary current, voltage, power control, actuating mode; for soldering temperature control all control modes can be set independently for each pulse  
Welding programs   200 programs internal, 63 programs external selectable; backup to PC  
Number of welding pulses   approx 100; each individual freely configurable  
Parameterize welding pulses
  Current rise, current time, current drop Variable setpoint increasing/decreasing Travel switch-off via sinking in or residual thickness (with safety time)  
Monitoring functions   Relative limits (± x %) to the setpoint and absolute limits for all control modes; maximum current limit freely adjustable; automatic switch-off if Û is exceeded; time limit for travel switch-off  
Force measurement   2 Kanäle parallel (0 … 10 V; 4 … 20 mA) + 2 Kanäle Prop. V.;
maximum 4 channels usable (operation with changing heads)
Path measurement   2 channels parallel; analog (0 ... 10 V; 4 ... 20 mA) and/or incremental;
maximum 4 + 2 channels usable (operation with changing heads)
Ranges Temperature control   up to 450 °C (for soft soldering); up to 900 °C (for brazing)  
operation   über PC  
Welding head control  

4 free outputs and 3 free inputs for auxiliary functions 2 proportional valves;
complete monitoring double head

Welding transformer   external, water cooled, open circuit voltage transformer 12 V  
Analog inputs/outputs  

Voltage socket; 2 incremental path inputs; 4 free measuring inputs;
2 proportional valves (incl. analog actual value acquisition)

Internal memory   100 000 records  
interfaces   Ethernet TCP/IP, digitale E/A  
Digital inputs   20 inputs, 4 of which are freely configurable + 24 V power supply  
Digital outputs   17 outputs, 6 of which are freely configurable + 24 V power supply  

Technical changes without previous notice.