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No war - stop war!

War in Europe! It is unbelievable that we have to report about rolling tanks in Europe in the year 2022. We at Harms & Wende condemn any form of violence or war. What are wars for? Udo Lindenberg put this in a nutshell in 2003. We would never have thought it possible that again a president has to be asked what wars are for. For all arguments or attempts at explanation, violence or war are not the solution. This war and other violence are to be condemned unequivocally. People are dying and being injured, this is unacceptable and inexcusable. We demand an immediate end to this inhumane war! Even if one thinks that we as a company or as individuals cannot do anything against it! But, if everyone protests and stands up against it, it will not go unheard: together for peace. Only in peace we can work and live. And this everywhere in the world. In war, health and human lives no longer count! Therefore our clear and unambiguous statement of the Harms & Wende Group: No war - stop war!

bonded in peace

Environmental Management ISO 14001

This is one of our investments in the future of our planet.

The world is changing.  The steadily increasing environmental awareness in society poses great challenges to companies. We at Harms & Wende have taken up this challenge and are moving into this future with sustainability and a conscious footprint. We do not only invest in new technologies, but also in the future of our planet!

A conscious attitude towards nature is an indicator for the future, because resource-saving and nature-friendly production and products bring more innovation and competitiveness. We follow the rules of this standard when purchasing, we pay attention to energy consumption and we minimize risks and waste.

Harms & Wende is one with our environment, and lives ISO 14001 with full commitment.

With quality and environment friendly processes we can deliver high quality products and solutions. All in the spirit of high quality, sustainability and environmental protection. Trust connects!

Furthermore, Harms & Wende offers customized solutions for automotive automated and manual production. Weather if you operate manual systems or fully automated applications with fieldbus-connection: We offer networked systems with database storage. With our products expulsion is greatly avoided by real time adaptation with out IQR weld package for steel materials or the Aluminum Mode Classic (AMC) or Force (AMF) on aluminum materials. Powerful monitoring functions are a great extension to assure your quality in production.

With our competence of more that 70 years we offer concepts for resistance welding which are tailored for your particular needs. For your joining task we have weld concepts with different technologies ready: 50/60Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz. With our actual products Genius, Filius and Sinius you are well-prepared for the future.

Friction welding is a joining process that has been used in manufacturing for over 30 years. It is pressure welding, which is used for the fully mechanized joining of parts and is well suited for automation.

Harms & Wende offers control-related systems for micro-insert technology. As specialists for resistance welding controls we supply solutions which are particularly fitted for joining tasks.