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Worldwide supply problems with semiconductors and raw materials

Harms & Wende has acted at an early stage and has taken precautions by means of long-term advance planning, framework agreements with partners and suppliers as well as standardized modules for the most important product series. Despite all the measures implemented, we would like to point out that delivery times may be longer than you have been accustomed to from us in the past due to supply difficulties. You will also have heard about the delivery problems and delays with semiconductors and raw materials. Supply chains are no longer running as smoothly as usual and this can also have an impact on Harms & Wende.

Long-term framework agreements and advance planning have enabled us to take good precautions in good time, but nevertheless there are still some procurement difficulties with previous standard components.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shortage of raw material suppliers, delivery inability of suppliers and even major restrictions in the supply chain have led to unscheduled delays and outages in some cases. In individual cases, this can lead to the extended delivery times mentioned above.

Our materials management department is working flat out to ensure delivery capabilities.

In order to minimize the impact on you, we ask you to communicate planned projects and orders at an early stage or to place them already, even if the delivery dates are far in the future.  We would also be happy to discuss future projects together in order to identify any bottlenecks.

We ask for your understanding and thank you for the good cooperation.