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Inverter systems Genius

Genius HWI / MFI

The Genius system is a modular control system consisting of a card slot for multiple plug-in modules and various software packages. The CPU and welding process chart forms the basic system of the Genius controller. By further hardware modules such. Fieldbus cards or I / O cards, this device is very adaptable. In addition, the various software packages allow this system to be used very flexibly. This Genius system is integrated in various inverter designs.



Genius MFI

A new power unit has been developed for the GeniusMFI inverter, taking into account in particular the requirements of the automotive industry. The Genius controller is an integral part of the system here. This system is available with 80kVA power. An Ethernet interface is standard part of the Genius controller; With this interface, all devices can be networked together. The power connections are on one side of this system.

You will find more information about automotive and inverters in the automotive sector and in our application examples.

Genius HWI

For the Genius HWI inverter, the Genius controller is directly mounted on the proven HWH power section of the HWI28 series. This series is available in the power ranges from 30kVA to 360kVA. Request our product catalog and look at the exact product descriptions of the design variants. You can order our catalog in our sales department.

Option: AMC

The Aluminum Mode Classic is an optional feature of the Genius mid-frequency welding system. This function is embedded as an aluminum parameter in the XPegasus as another control mode in the welding process. The operation is compact via a contiguous operating page through the user interface. The control module forwards a force profile setpoint to the tool. In parallel, the current flow is controlled in time so that a suitable preconditioning is monitored via the voltage measuring channel. Once this is achieved, the actual current pulse and the further power profile sequence take place until the end of the weld.